How to install earthmet systems!
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Earthing or grounding systems are installed to diffuse electricity into the ground when it passes through circuitry or devices. This is so that the electricity does not harm anyone. Grounding is used in a variety of ways, such as electric poles installed on top of buildings to send electricity produced by lightning strikes to the ground and by solving problems caused by floating grounds.

earthmet systems are another name for grounding systems. They could come in different types, each with a specific use. Installing them takes time, and while a person could learn how to install earthmet systems by himself, it’s advised to contact an electric company to do the work.

The basic steps in installing these systems are:

1. Looking over the building’s structure and determining the system that could work – a building may actually have several systems installed, so a person needs to know which ones are the most optimal. A person also has to look for solid walls or columns around the building that could be used for grounding electrodes.

2. Install the needed systems on the outside of the building first – the outside is more exposed to the elements and in the event of lightning storms, the electricity generated could be very dangerous.

3. Install the interior systems – after the outside systems have been installed, a person can now install the earthmet systems on the inside. He has to follow the building’s electrical wiring and install the needed outlets and wires. Usually, these systems have multiple pathways to ground electricity into the earth.

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